Hadiya Zone

One of the major zones in Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR), Hadiya Zone is located in the northern part of the Southern region of Ethiopia. Its capital, Hossana, is 250 kilo-meters south of Addis Ababa. Hadiya Zone has a population of 1.35 million and it is divided into 11 woredas (districts), including Hossana town. The woreda population distribution of Hadiya Zone in 2006/07 is the following:

WOREDA Capital Population
Hossana Zone Capital 54,231
Lemo Hossana 126,060
An-Lemo Fonko 92,414
Duna Ansho 142,587
Shashogo Bonosha 114,680
Soro Gimbichu 205,152
Gombora Habiche 108,714
Misha Morsito 145,623
Gibe Homecho 120,602
East Badewacho Shone 155,216
West Badewacho Sike-Danema  88,956
  TOTAL: 1,354,235
Hadiya Zone


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