Hadiya Zone


Haidya Development and Rehabilitation Network is involved in a number of projects. These include:

Scholarship to Meritorious Students

HDRN planned to award twenty scholarships to students who are needy and highly competent in their secondary education. Birr 25,875 ($2,875) was given to the National Coordinating Committee in August 2007 ( led by Prof. Habtamu Wondimu). That money, received from Mrs. Wudenesh Demissie Gemebo ($2,675) and Mr. Assefa Lintiso ($200) was deposited in the HDRN Account in Awash International Bank in A.A.

A. Birr 21,968 was sent to the Zone Coordinating Committee. The Zone Committee through each of the nine secondary schools’ committees selected twenty winners of the HDRN Scholarships. Birr 750 was awarded to each winner ( total of Birr 15,000) for the first 6 months. The expenses incurred for photocopying, transportation, photographs and soft drinks during the award ceremony were Birr 699.00. Total amount left with the Zonal Committee was Birr 6,269.00. Competition Announcement Poster printing cost was Birr 104.95. The total amount left with the National Coordinating Committee is Birr 3,802.05. Hence the total remaining scholarship money (with AA and Hossana Committees), as of January 2008 was Birr 10,071.05. Minor expenses for such as stationery, photocopying, typing and telephone are not included as they are covered by the committee members.

B. As the scholarship is for 10 months, the second installment for the remaining four months was paid to the students in March3, 2008. It is reported that all the scholarship winners are in excellent academic status. Each student was paid Birr 500 (Total of Birr 10,000). Therefore, the amount of HDRN Scholarship money left is only Birr 71.05. (Please note that auditing can take place at any time as there are only less than ten receipts.)

C. It is the understanding of the National Coordinating Committee that there will be thirty HDRN Scholarships for the 2008/09 academic year. This would mean Birr 37,500 for the grantees and about 10% (additional) administration costs (Birr 41,250 if 2007/08 rates are to be maintained). [As discussed by the HDRN Board in March 2008 teleconference, Birr 200 per month, rather than Birr 125 might be appropriate to those two winners attending higher education institutions.] As Competition Announcement Posters have to be printed and be distributed, selection committees be established in each school, screening has to take place, etc. the money needs to be transferred to the National Coordinating Committee account or to the Zonal Coordinating Committee soon.

Support for Victims of Lion Attack
The total amount of money received by the National Coordinating Committee was Birr 39,425 ($4,200) which was deposited in HDRN account (#17383-Awash International Bank) being operated by Hunde Gerad Woldegiorgis Lejebo and/or Honorable Ato Lebenie Enkurie and /or Ato Dessalegne Dayemo. Out of this money birr 36,000 was sent to the Zone Coordinating Committee led by Ato Fikre Dobo (in June 2007). The remaining money is spent for transportation and per diem costs of persons who traveled to Hossana and Gimbichu (Soro) and for other administrative expenses (Birr 3,425). The money sent to the families of victims of lions’ attack is not still distributed because of lack of reliable list of the victims and the magnitude of the damage (loss). The money is still with the Zonal HDRN Coordinating Committee. Efforts are being made to obtain a reliable list through the Zonal Administration. [The Woreda Administration and Farmers’ Association lists have contradictions and lack reliability].


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