The Haidya Development and Rehabilitation Network is managed by a board of directors with varying disciplines and experiences. This gives the organization a unique leadership view, thus allowing it to meet the diverse needs of the people and communities it serves.
Board Members

HDRN will work with other non-profit urban and rural community-based development organizations, public schools, clinics and hospitals, and small business development projects dedicated to improving quality of life within the zone’s economically distressed communities. Rehabilitation efforts will include, but not limited to:

Mr. Bekele Damtew Mr. Belete Muturo Dr. Kassamo Dayemo Dr. Bantikassegn Workalemahu
Mr. Markos Kaltiso Mr. Meseretu Amare Prof. Lemma Woldesenbet Dr. Tekle Ayano
Mr. Negash Ashencho Ms. Wudnesh Demissie    
Board Members Ex-Officio:
Mr. Assefa Lintiso Prof. Habtamu Wondimu
Membership Criteria
  1. Current or former residents of the Hadiya Zone support the purposes of the Organization with their money, time, and energy.
  2. Any Ethiopian or citizen of any country who is genuinely interested in helping the people of Hadiya in their efforts to reduce poverty, prevent disease, and eliminate a high rate of infant mortality.

Membership fee is $240 US dollars annually ($20 monthly). If you are interested in joining HDRN, please complete the HDRN membership application form [in PDF] and return it to the address specified. You can also use the contact form to request further information about HDRN.


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